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Anesthesia Machine

Model No.︰SSMN1
Brand Name︰SunShineMed
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
Main features
·Practical ventilation model, applicable for adult and child
·5.7” high definition screen display
·World famous differential pressure flow sensor, precise tidal volume control
·Intellectual flow calibration system
·Perfect respiratory mechanics, respiratory efficiency monitoring and alarm
·Integrated circle breathing system, available for high temperature sterilization
·Vaporizer with sensitive compensation for flow, temperature & pressure, precise and stable output, 250ml fill quantity
·2-tube precise flowmeter, automatic alarm upon insufficient oxygen supply
·AGSS connect port completely collects various waste gases
·Large capacity & maintenance-free battery, power supply time for more than 8 hours
·Convenient soft ware upgrading and optional configuration
·Compact machine frame

Main specifications
Gas source: O2
Respiratory ventilation model: IPPV(VC), IPPV(PC), Manual
Monitoring parameters: TV(expired), MV, airway pressure (peak , platform ,mean ), O2 concentration, battery power, etc.
Monitoring waveform: pressure-time, flow-time
Alarming parameters: upper and lower limit of TV, upper and lower limit of MV, upper and lower limit of O2 concentration, upper and lower limit of airway pressure, asphyxia, abnormal power supply, abnormal airway, abnormal gas source pressure, etc.
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