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Model No.︰4000
Brand Name︰Sunshinemed
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description


A. Ventilation mode: Controlled volume and synchronous touching sensitivity.

B. Eight ventilation modes for controlled volume ventilation.

C. Perfect computerized monitor for ventilating parameters and display for presetting number.

D. Comprehensive setting and display of alarm value.

E. Adjustment system for respiratory gas and oxygen concentration and humidifier with constant temperature inspiration gas and chronograph.

F. The sensors are made in America, German and Japanese with good quality and high reliability.

G. Comprehensive clinical ventilation function and intuitionistic operation.


Frequency: 1)(IPPV/IPPB)6~60 breath/min
2)SIMV: 1~15breath/min
I/E ratio: 1: 1~ 1: 4
Tidal volume: 100~1500ml
Inspiration pause: O~0.5s\with five gears
SIGH: Sigh is added once per 100 breaths of respiration and its tidal volume is one point fifth than the general ventilation
Synchronous sensitivity: -2~0KPa
Display of airway pressure: -2~6KPa
Minute volume: 0~30L
Concentration of inspiration gas and oxygen: 40%~76% adjustable
Display of inspiration time: 0.2~9.9s
IPPV inspiration flux: 10~99L/Min
Intermittent command ventilation frequency: 1~15 breaths/min
Alarm for upper-limitation of airway pressure: 2.0~6.0KPa
Alarm for lower-limitation of airway pressure: 0.1~2.0KPa
Switching time between synchronization and control mode: 6s
First-aid ventilation: Frequency=20breaths/Min, I/E ratio: 1: 2, tidal volume=600Ml/time

Ventilation mode: Inspiration pause, CPAP, IPPV, IPPB, PEEP, IPPV+SIGH, First-aid ventilation.

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