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Painless Childbirth Antalgic Gas Inspirator

Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰Sunshinemed
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description

Painless childbirth antalgic gas inspirator is controlled by patients or lying-in women themselves, It is a gas inspiratory system used especially to ease pain.

The patient can inbreathe the Giggle gas(which mixes N2O and O2 by a certain proportion with good and rapid analgetic effect and lower cost without side effect.

A. Giggle gas with stable chemistry quality is a kind of narcotic with the least toxicity inhalational gas, it has no irritative effect on the respiratory organs and will not do harm to heart, liver and kidney.

B. Giggle gas changes through property of the ionic channels by restraining the excitability of nerve center and the release of nerve delivery. Its work will be done in 30 seconds and it will disappear in a few minutes after stopping inspirating the gas.

C. It can avoid from the aching chock of fracture, burn and other surgery.

D. It chooses the one-off respiratory loop, which doesn't need to samitize or purge to prevent the cross infection.

E. It is good for lying-in women to bear the childbirth painlessly with no effect on the childbearing manner. It won't restrain the fetal circulation and will not increase the bleeding and it can shorten the whole bearing course so that lying-in women can keep clear-headed to cooperate with the doctors.

1. Inspiration mode: Independent and synchronous inhalation with numeric flux setting in advance.
2. Inner cylinder volume: 10L
3. Inspiration flux: 10~1000ml/time
4. Inspiration sensitivity: ≤-0.1KPa
5. Alarming for lack of gas pressure: ≤0.05MPa
6. Cubage of the gas bottle: 10L/120kg
7. Gas proportion: N2O: O2=1: 1
8. Reductor output pressure: 0.2MPa
9. Alarm with light and sound of no power or gas
10. LED numerical flux display

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