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Pulse Vacuum Sterilizers60/90L

Model No.︰60L,90L
Brand Name︰Sunshine
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description


main features:
PLC control technology, color touch-screen operation, menu programming options, simple operation
Injection, pulsating vacuum, heating, sterilization, exhaust, vacuum drying process automatically.
Parietal covered with warming tape, fast preheating and well distributed temperature.
Dynamic pulsating vacuum to eliminate air with vacuum pressure of-0.08MPa, and can dress the air completely out of the Class A cavity devices.
Post-pulsatilevacuum drying system to ensure that the parcel dry well.
Built-in steam generator and steam separation devices, to ensure that to provide good quality steam, do not need to an external the steam source
With equipment, dressings, rubber, self-definition of sterilization procedures.
With B / D testing, vacuum testing procedures, manual debugger, through the PCD process challenge device to test.
0.22μm high efficiency air filters. Guarantee to get rid of the vacuum air for sterile air, to avoid recontamination.
Temperature, pressure, time, liquid crystal dynamic digital display; running status display; failure alarm display.
◇Sterilization cycle close buzzer
safety device:
Automatic over-temperature protection: more than the set temperature, the system automatically switches off the heating power, and displays the alarm.
◇Door safety interlocks device.
Dual overpressure protection: automatic pressure relief safety valve, pressure exceeds the design pressure relief valve opens to release pressure; more than automatic protection control: the pressure exceeds the set pressure, automatic exhaust pressure relief, and display the alarm.
Low water level alarm device: below the low water level, automatically cut off the heating, display the alarm
Electronic circuit safety devices: AC main circuit with short circuit protection, DC control loop with pressure overload.
main technical parameters:
◇-0.1~0.28MPa design pressure
◇0.23MPa max working pressure
◇0.1kPa Pressure display accuracy
◇105~136℃ sterilization temperature
◇0.1℃ temperature display accuracy
◇≤±0.5℃ Temperature uniformity
The cavitymaterial:O6Cr19Ni10 S.S
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