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Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer 240/360L

Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰SunShineMed
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

With electric heating steam generator and water soften equipment, 240L/360L, single door.

Structure characteristics: Comprised of the main body, airproof door, the pipeline system, control system, decorating cover and etc.

1) The main body is a horizontal square frame structure of two layers welded one time with strengthening supporters between the two layers.

2) The airproof door is motorized up and down, and sealed with compressed air.

3) The pipeline system consists of control valves, vacuum pump, condenser and pipelines. Valves are angle-seat pneumatic and elect-magnetic ones. The water circulation vacuum pump is a direct-connected form, mechanized-airproof, no water leakage, no shake and a low noise.

4) Programmable controller PLC is adopted as the automatic main controller. A touch screen is as the interface between the operator and the equipment. These together with the pressure controller and other components compose a complete auto-control system.

5) There are two kinds of this series, one is the single-door model, and the other is the double-door model. On the later one the clean room and the sterile room are separated effectively.

6) Loading vehicles and transporting vehicle are available, which are all made of stainless steel.

7) Striped stainless steel decorating cover is equipped, which is nice and easy to be cleaned.


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