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Transport Incubator

Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description


State Food and Drug Administration 2004 No.: 3060504

CMDC TUV ISO9001 ISO13485 CE0123


Brief introduction:
This unit is used for transporting the newborn babies between sickrooms or hospitals; AC Power and DC Power can be used alternatively and the device can be connected with Power 12V or 24V. Air-temp or skin-temp servo-controlled by micro-computer; double walls hood could prevent heat losing from hood and prevent the influence to the incubator from exterior heat resource; quite operation windows can reduce the disturbance to the baby during nursing with oxygen cylinder and oxygen supply system;; touch switch panel with LED digital display, set-temp, skin-temp, real-temp, storage battery voltage are displayed separately; indicated electricity-offer mode; night light, luminescence design; seven self-checking alarms with audible and visible; heating power rate indicates 0-100%; shockproof and adjustable stand with cylinder and three steps height.

Standard configure:
temperature controller, storage battery, oxygen cylinders (2pcs), infant bed, skin temperature sensor, I.V. Pole, air filter, observation lamp, air cushion stand, power cord(AC or DC).

Technical specification:
Power supply : AC110V~230V
50HZ/60 HZ
DC power: DC12V or DC24V
Power input:
Air Temperature control range
Skin Temperature control range
Sensor precision:
Uniformity of bed temperature:
1.5 (bed is on level position)
Temperature rising time:
30min (environmental temperature 50dB)
Technical specification of storage battery:
Type: Topin?TP12-26
1 sets(you can also choose 2 sets)
Power supply
Charging time:(complete discharging state)
10 hours (1pc of storage battery)
life time
complete charging and discharging in 200 times
Continue working time(environmental temperature 15
℃,control temperature 36)90min(1pc of storage battery)

audible and visible alarm indication, and it can indicate the real temperature and cut off the power supply of heater (except for the low voltage), meanwhile, the skin temperature indication window can indicate the alarm code. For the alarm 1-6, the relevant light is on, and for the alarm 7, all alarming lights are on; all alarm sound can be cancelled except for the power failure alarm and the system alarm.
Over-temp alarm: when the temperature
Deviation alarm: air temperature control
±3, the skin temperature control ±1;
Sensor alarm: when the sensor is disconnected, open circuit, short circuit or put on the wrong place;
Fan alarm: when the fan is disconnected, blocked, or stop working;
Power failure alarm: when the storage battery is failed and the power cord is disconnected.
Low voltage alarm: DC power 12V, output <10.5V, DC power 24V, output <22.5V
System alarm: when there is E2ROM malfunction inside of temperature controller.

Gross Weight
Main body 80Kg/ Cabinet 35Kg
Net Weight
Main body 65Kg/ Cabinet 25Kg
Main body :1090mm×655mm×760mm
Cabinet : 1380mm×610mm×400mm

Some technical data of this model can be changed properly according to the standard and user’s requirement. If the technical specification of above product changes, please refer to the standard at selling time.

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