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Panoramic X-ray Unit For Oral Examination

Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰Sunshine
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
GENERAL 1、It is designed on the principles of x-ray drum curvature tomography. 2、A small focus x-ray tube is adopted only for dental. It makes the picture clearer. 3、The unit can radiograph a complete view of curvature of the whole teeth in a picture. The picture includes sinuses, nasal sinus, maxillary, mandibular structure and the whole 32 teeth, temporal, lower jaw joint and its combined relations. 4、It takes the unit only 16s for a rotational radiography to shoot a panoramic view of whole Dental-Maxilla-Facial region. 5、An elevating motor is used in the unit, to raise or lower its gantry for radiography the people of different height. 6、It can also be used for oral surgery and facial orthopedics. Main Technical Parameter X-ray generator Single focus, half-wave rectification and oil-immersed self-cooled Max rated capacity Current 10mA Voltage 90kVp Time 16sec Power supply Voltage 180~240V Frequency 50Hz Power (not lower than 1.8kVA) Resistance (not larger than 1Ω) Voltage adjustment range of x-ray tube 55~90kVp(divided into 8 steps) Film size 150mm×300mm Specification of X-ray tube only for dental X-ray tube TOSHIBA Model D-088S focus 0.8mm Distance between the chin bracket to the floor 800mm (min) 1120 mm(max) Panorama shoot time 16s (L×W×H)mm/kgTransport dimension, Weight 1505×1040×1750(Net)228/(Gross)373
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